Iceland Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Nerdy Thursday. Shaun is joined by Baz as they chat about their trip to Iceland and the things they’ve seen.

Off the rails talk includes:
~~Their hunt for beer and the worst beer ever
~~Tetris world championships
~~Baz answers questions from the Nerdy Thursday listener base (head on over to and follow so you can add your own when we reach out!) such as…
~~~~What gaming system would he bring to a deserted island if he had all the games?
~~~~Whats his top 3 from that system?
~~~~Whats the weirdest thing he has cranked down to?
~~~~Whats Baz’s perfect woman?
~~~~What would baz change about current gaming
~~~~Best current generation game?
~~~~Nioh (the game), Monster Hunter Worlds, Dinosaurs

~~Baz poses a question to the listeners! Call in with your response!

Beers for the show:
Mori Red Ale (Icelandic) 
Koldi Lager (Icelandic)

Keep it Nerdy!