S2 Ep. 53 A Christmas Story (ft. Gus)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Mitch and Shaun are BACK. And hopefully you like A Christmas Story. Joining them is a very intoxicated Gus! Listen as they catch back up, take a couple of voicemails, and Mitch claims that we would never miss a trivia question about A Christmas Story. Shaun subjects them to a quiz about…. A Christmas Story! How many did they get wrong? Find out!


~~Mitch gets a colonoscopy

~~Best welcome back voicemail ever. Steven Michael gets hit on.

~~They get stuck in a Voicemail time loop.

~~Mitch goes ahead and shares all the trivia he knows about the movie

~~Gus gets triple dog dared for something…..listen to find out!

~~I’m gunna be on disability because I tried to suck my toe

~~Wait till you hear Gus get confused about geography

~~Slightly racist singing reenactment.

~~I think you can hear Shaun pee. Then flush.

~~Gus argues the validity of our rating scale bowl.


Enjoy <3


Beers for the show:

Green IPA: Treehouse Brewing Company- 4.25 on the NT Untappd collective scale

New Frontier: Connecticut Valley Brewing Company- 4 on the NT Untappd collective scale

Pomona Ipa: Vanished Valley Brewing

Keep it Nerdy!