Ep. 20: Dumb and Dumber

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they get sentimental and recount their friendship and childhood together. Take the adventure with them as they discover where they lost touch and where they reconnected. And eventually they get to Dumb and Dumber, the comedy classic starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels…which somehow they can both relate to on some level.

Also! New caller Jack calls in and says hi!

Also, also! Mitch had way too many scorpion bowls before recording and is somehow WAY more talkative than normal. Try to follow his logic and train of thought. Can we get a #MoreMitch? Hell yeah.

Also, also, also! Shaun somehow hears, and calls out, Mitch peeing in a bottle. So…yeah. Missed an opportunity to talk about Harland William’s debut as the cop that drinking pee out of Harry and Lloyd’s beer bottles. Oops.

Also, also, also, also! There is a crapload of #TangentTalk mixed into all of this. Blame Mitch’s scorpion bowls. :)

If you just want movie talk, jump to about 40 minutes…but we all know you are here because of Shaun and Mitch.

Keep it nerdy!