Ep. 27: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they talk about another Nickelodeon game show from their youth. A little game show called “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” As always, there is an assortment of tangent talk and other topics, including somehow combining Legends with the Hunger Games to create an enthralling new show. Fantastic. Other show notes include:

~~Shaun in Florida.
~~Harry Potter World and Universal Studios
~~Mitch’s birthday Casino and Buffet get-away
~~What the dudes are drinking
~~ The show, and their sadistic new version of it
~~What they really think of the Legends host, Kirk
~~Double Dare comparisons throughout
~~And voicemails (Calling you out Skip)
~~See you next Tuesday. Making a comeback?