Ep. 34: Dirty Thursday

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Marissa to talk about the least nerdy thing ever…. Dirty Dancing. More accurately, Mitch and Marissa watch Shaun struggle to talk about it until Marissa finally saves him.

~~Shaun takes a quiz to determine which Dirty Dancing character he is…as if he has any clue what that means.
~~Somehow herpes becomes a topic. *Shrugs*
~~They take some voicemails, and Marissa talks about farts. 
~~Lots of Lord of the Rings bashing. It’s fantastic. Well, for all involved except Mitch.
~~A lot of fart talk…that is actually very interesting. 
~~SMB3 v. Sonic 2

It’s a fun time. Tune in and find out!