Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 69 'em

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday! Here we are. Episode 69. The one that finally needed a disclaimer. Shaun and Mitch are back with Gus in this Guscast/Drunkcast to celebrate reaching 69 episodes by recording about the most obvious thing. Sex. They take a lot of really fun calls and ask each other about a lot of very personal things. But mainly just have a lot of fun.

Sample call topics:

~~Weirdest thing the boys have cranked down to
~~Eating ass? To eat or not to eat

Sample personal stories:
~~Caught by cops
~~Shaun’s mom’s dildo

**This episode features the track 'West Coast' by Ryan Little — **

Enjoy <3

Beers for the show:

Soundings - Rising Tide Brewing - 4.25 on the scale
Swish Ale - Bissell Brothers - 4.5 on the scale
Two of Tarts - Upland Brewing - 4.25 on the scale

Keep it Nerdy!