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Ep. 22: Overwatch

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they chat about 2016's Game of the Year (according to some people)…Overwatch! While they may have some differing opinions on the game, one thing is for sure. Set up some age brackets. #NoMore8YearOlds

They also chat a little bit about beer and movies. They also take some phone calls that cover such things as…
~~Peanut Butter
~~White Castle (the unpleasant by product)
~~Mitch’s Virginity (it’s a proper noun)
~~Street Fighter cosplay
~~A would you rather that makes their skin (and insides) crawl.
~~An update on Bryan

Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Keep it nerdy!

***Excuse the sound of heat kicking on and plow vehicles that decided to be rude and interrupt a lot of Shaun’s side of the audio. There was a blizzard. It’s not too bad, but the warning is still here in writing.

Ep. 18: Mitch Gets a PS4 (and Other News)

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Mitch and Shaun as they cover the recent news that they find interesting. Also, Mitch got a PS4 and they talk about that a lot. Steven Michael turns up the heat on Bryan.

Shaun also attempts to set a world record for most times having said "literally" on a podcast.

Topics include:
~Shauns pet peeve
~Valentines Day dance
~Deadliest Catch
~Power Rangers
~Pokemon GO
~Resident Evil 7
~Mitch bought a PS4
~Rocket League
~Random PS4 games
~Phone calls
~Fire Emblem Heroes


Ep. 17: Nerdy Thursday LIVE (Resident Evil 7)

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Mitch and Shaun and special guest Bryan as they chat about a bunch of nerdy things. They also get a few calls and the continuation of the Bryan/Steven Michael feud.

Topics include:
~Super Bowl
~Tacos or Cheeseburgs
~McDonald’s v Burger King
~Tadpog Kentucky Trip
~Philly Cheese Steaks
~Nintendo Switch Trophy System
~Resident Evil 7
~Phone Calls
~And other stuff.