Ep. 31: Cool Runnings

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Mitch wasn’t too pleased that Shaun hadn’t seen Cool Runnings, and so they watched it. Mixed in with the movie talk is a whole bunch of Tangent Talk about their lives and interests, and they also take a bunch of hilarious phone calls!


Ep. 29: Mario Kart

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Hot off the heels of an amazing Mario Kart 8 Tournament, Shaun and Mitch are here to chat about Mario Kart as a series. Turns out that Mitch hasn’t played much before. Spoilers.

They also chat about….
~~Mitch’s rugby injuries
~~What are they Drinking?
~~Hugemungous Bloody Mary
~~And take some phone calls


Ep. 3: It

In this episode of Nerdy Thursday, a tired Shaun and a sick Mitch discuss the horror classic "IT." Is this a rare time for them to see eye to eye?

They give an overview, make brief comparisons to the book and RECAST the movie with their ideal replacement actors.

Also, how many scalloped potatoes are really in a bowl? This may be a bigger mystery than thought.