Ep. 38: BASEketball (Drunkcast 3 or 4)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Bryan to chat about the great Matt Stone and Trey Parker movie…BASEketball! It eventually turns into the 3rd or 4th Drunkcast, but its a fun ride through!

The guys also start an Untappd account for the show! follow them there!

As always there is #TangentTalk and voicemails!

Keep it Nerdy!

c.u.N.T. S1E7 Pinkeye

This week on the bonus show “See You Next Tuesday” (a South Park podcast by Nerdy Thursday), Zombies! Er…um…Pinkeye!
Shaun and Mitch are joined by Bryan to chat about the 7th episode of the first season of South Park… the Halloween special!

Worcestershire Sauce creates zombies PSA.

Ep. 36: LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined my Bryan and Tyler to discuss the first Lord of the Rings movie : The Fellowship of the Ring. While opinions on this movie clearly separates them all into two teams, they had a lot of fun recording together.

Featured this week:
~~Introduction of Tyler
~~What kinda beers are they drinking
~~Can you guess what movie hasn’t seen this week?
~~Breath of the Wild comparisons
~~Everyones thoughts on the movie
~~Blow holes in this movies logic? It’s maggiiiccccc.
~~Best archer in movies?
~~Disney movies
~~DnD / Pathfinder
~~Mixing movies and games together
~~World of Warcraft
~~New Caller!

Ep. 24: Go Go Nerdy Thursday! (Power Rangers)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Skip this week to talk about the Power Rangers. They take a few calls. But mainly they just geek about the Power Rangers.

Spoiler warning: when they actually get to the movie, it is very spoiler heavy.

For the record, yes. Shaun has shaved the disgusting mustache.

Keep it nerdy!

Ep. 17: Nerdy Thursday LIVE (Resident Evil 7)

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Mitch and Shaun and special guest Bryan as they chat about a bunch of nerdy things. They also get a few calls and the continuation of the Bryan/Steven Michael feud.

Topics include:
~Super Bowl
~Tacos or Cheeseburgs
~McDonald’s v Burger King
~Tadpog Kentucky Trip
~Philly Cheese Steaks
~Nintendo Switch Trophy System
~Resident Evil 7
~Phone Calls
~And other stuff.

c.u.N.T. S1E4 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride

Come on down to Nerdy Thursday, gunna have ourselves a time.

Shaun and Mitch (and Brian) would like to thank you for taking this episode by episode journey through South Park with them. Seeing how it’s going to take about 7 years to catch up, once a week sounds about right.

This week, on Season 1 Episode 4, Stan gets a gay dog and the kids play some football. Also Bryan is here! Also Shaun's audio goes to crap. So that happened.

Ep. 10: Nerdy Thanksgiving – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Nerdy Thursday Thanksgiving! Join the guys (including Bryan) for a fun journey through Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

Some of the other things include:
~~Great new sponsor (The People’s Cornbread)
~~New studio
~~Thanksgiving food
~~Fake Gus twitter? Yay or Nay?
~~Kevin Bacon, She’s Having a Baby
~~Bryan realizes technology completely changes this movie
~~Due Date
~~Beverly Hills Cop beat box
~~Gus Saves Christmas
~~Mashed potato preferences
~~Corn bread. The creation process of The People’s Cornbread. Trademarked. We came up with it first. ;)
~~Writer Jax birthday story
~~How would we rate this movie?
~~NEW RATING GAME. Rate the duo.
~~Dumb and Dumber