Harry Potter

Ep. 35: M.A.G.I.Con

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch live in a very magical placed they are here this week to share a story with you. It involves the World of Harry Potter.


~~Shauns JAWS experience
~~Mitch’s story about a listener
~~Mitch gets sorted
~~Bear v Samsquach

It’s a fun time. Tune in and find out!


Ep. 29: Mario Kart

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Hot off the heels of an amazing Mario Kart 8 Tournament, Shaun and Mitch are here to chat about Mario Kart as a series. Turns out that Mitch hasn’t played much before. Spoilers.

They also chat about….
~~Mitch’s rugby injuries
~~What are they Drinking?
~~Hugemungous Bloody Mary
~~And take some phone calls