Louisville Arcade Expo

Ep. 23: Guscast V2 (Yardgame Olympics and Tattoos)

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they chat with Gus (Mitch’s dad). Unfiltered. As a Guscast usually is. And as it turns out, it is like pulling teeth to get Gus to answer anything or stay on topic after a couple of beers.

But! What DID they talk about?

They talked about…
~~A Nascar Race
~~They Yard Game Olympics
~~Louisville / TADPOG
~~Tattoos that they have (gets pretty deep)

That’s about it. But they hope that you have a fun time listening to a few dudes just sitting back and enjoying each others company. The show also abruptly cuts the the ending. If you didn’t catch it, thank you Shaun. If you are confused, well…there was a handful of things that happened that make no sense on audio. So! Enjoy the show.

Side note- someones head set was up a little too high and in parts you can hear it. Apologies for the audio mess up!

Keep it nerdy!