Ep. 42: Heavyweights

Welcome. To Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are your hosts and this week they chat about a movie from their childhood...Heavyweights.

Well kinda. You see. They have created what will from now on be called the "Nerdy Thursday Extended Cinematic Universe," also known as NTECU. Now in this universe, the boys are going to follow characters from movie to movie... kinda like how Josh is really Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks. They also look at the movies from another point of view.

Welcome to Heavyweights from Tony Perkis' point of view.

Keep it Nerdy!

Ep. 41: Happy Gilmore

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are chat about Happy Gilmore. Shaun claims to have seen the movie over 200 times and Mitch has this one lady that ruins it for him. The guys also try to solve who the little guy riding a tricycle wearing a cowboy outfit is. Do they ever figure it out?! Tune in and find out!

(they probably didn’t)

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Ep. 38: BASEketball (Drunkcast 3 or 4)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Bryan to chat about the great Matt Stone and Trey Parker movie…BASEketball! It eventually turns into the 3rd or 4th Drunkcast, but its a fun ride through!

The guys also start an Untappd account for the show! follow them there!

As always there is #TangentTalk and voicemails!

Keep it Nerdy!

Ep. 36: LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined my Bryan and Tyler to discuss the first Lord of the Rings movie : The Fellowship of the Ring. While opinions on this movie clearly separates them all into two teams, they had a lot of fun recording together.

Featured this week:
~~Introduction of Tyler
~~What kinda beers are they drinking
~~Can you guess what movie hasn’t seen this week?
~~Breath of the Wild comparisons
~~Everyones thoughts on the movie
~~Blow holes in this movies logic? It’s maggiiiccccc.
~~Best archer in movies?
~~Disney movies
~~DnD / Pathfinder
~~Mixing movies and games together
~~World of Warcraft
~~New Caller!

Ep. 34: Dirty Thursday

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Marissa to talk about the least nerdy thing ever…. Dirty Dancing. More accurately, Mitch and Marissa watch Shaun struggle to talk about it until Marissa finally saves him.

~~Shaun takes a quiz to determine which Dirty Dancing character he is…as if he has any clue what that means.
~~Somehow herpes becomes a topic. *Shrugs*
~~They take some voicemails, and Marissa talks about farts. 
~~Lots of Lord of the Rings bashing. It’s fantastic. Well, for all involved except Mitch.
~~A lot of fart talk…that is actually very interesting. 
~~SMB3 v. Sonic 2

It’s a fun time. Tune in and find out!


Ep. 31: Cool Runnings

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Mitch wasn’t too pleased that Shaun hadn’t seen Cool Runnings, and so they watched it. Mixed in with the movie talk is a whole bunch of Tangent Talk about their lives and interests, and they also take a bunch of hilarious phone calls!


Ep. 24: Go Go Nerdy Thursday! (Power Rangers)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Skip this week to talk about the Power Rangers. They take a few calls. But mainly they just geek about the Power Rangers.

Spoiler warning: when they actually get to the movie, it is very spoiler heavy.

For the record, yes. Shaun has shaved the disgusting mustache.

Keep it nerdy!