Ep. 40: GusCast with a Vengeance

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Gus for another special Guscast! It’s a bit more of a grab bag of an episode, but is entertaining throughout. Some fun points:

~~Game of thrones, Masterchef
~~They speculate on their IQs, turned out that Gus is dumber than Forrest Gump
~~Barber v. Hairstylists?
~~Constipation —> Sharting
~~NES Games and collecting
~~Snapchat. Gus wants to know how
~~Gay hook up app, Grindr
~~A very revealing “Would You Rather”

Keep it Nerdy!

c.u.N.T. S1E7 Pinkeye

This week on the bonus show “See You Next Tuesday” (a South Park podcast by Nerdy Thursday), Zombies! Er…um…Pinkeye!
Shaun and Mitch are joined by Bryan to chat about the 7th episode of the first season of South Park… the Halloween special!

Worcestershire Sauce creates zombies PSA.

Ep. 33: Mystery Episode

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun has the shingles. But that won’t stop the guys from giving you something to sink your teeth into. What is this episode? Perhaps a bit of a surprise. What they CAN share is that they continue their quest to find movies that Shaun hasn’t seen, and they hear from their loyal fans—along with some new callers!

Tune in and find out!


Ep. 27: Legends of the Hidden Temple

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they talk about another Nickelodeon game show from their youth. A little game show called “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” As always, there is an assortment of tangent talk and other topics, including somehow combining Legends with the Hunger Games to create an enthralling new show. Fantastic. Other show notes include:

~~Shaun in Florida.
~~Harry Potter World and Universal Studios
~~Mitch’s birthday Casino and Buffet get-away
~~What the dudes are drinking
~~ The show, and their sadistic new version of it
~~What they really think of the Legends host, Kirk
~~Double Dare comparisons throughout
~~And voicemails (Calling you out Skip)
~~See you next Tuesday. Making a comeback?


Ep. 26: Double Dare

Welcome everybody to Nerdy Thursday. Join Shaun and Mitch as they decide whether to Dare, Double Dare, or take a Physical Challenge. You guessed it! They are chatting about Double Dare…but to a much higher degree, Family Double Dare.

They also talk about Mitch’s alleged road rage, Nintendo ports of this show, a possible change to the Yard Game Olympics, and a potential brawl between Skip and Steven Michael (on Xbox of course).

There were phone calls, and the guys complete their first Fxck, Marry, Kill.

Mitch surprises Shaun with a very special guest at the end of the show, and Shaun gets to ask a very important question.

What are the boys drinking tonight? Tune in to find out! (YES, they are on Untappd. message them on FB or Twitter for their names!)

Ep. 24: Go Go Nerdy Thursday! (Power Rangers)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday. Shaun and Mitch are joined by Skip this week to talk about the Power Rangers. They take a few calls. But mainly they just geek about the Power Rangers.

Spoiler warning: when they actually get to the movie, it is very spoiler heavy.

For the record, yes. Shaun has shaved the disgusting mustache.

Keep it nerdy!

c.u.N.T. S1E4 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride

Come on down to Nerdy Thursday, gunna have ourselves a time.

Shaun and Mitch (and Brian) would like to thank you for taking this episode by episode journey through South Park with them. Seeing how it’s going to take about 7 years to catch up, once a week sounds about right.

This week, on Season 1 Episode 4, Stan gets a gay dog and the kids play some football. Also Bryan is here! Also Shaun's audio goes to crap. So that happened.