S2 Ep. 64 Triple Threat (Jackal, RC Pro AM II, Burgertime)

Welcome to Nerdy Thursday! Shaun and Mitch are here to chat about not 1… not 2… BUT 3 NES games this week. Tune in and find out their thoughts on Jackal, RC Pro AM II, and BurgerTime! Game talk starts at around 45 minutes. What you can expect from this show:

~~ experiencegrind.com

~~Blowjob joke

~~Reuben Pizzas


~~Jackal Chat 

~~RC Pro AM II chat

~~1 hour, 17 minutes, 30 seconds. ( just check it out)

~~BurgerTime chat

~~Stoner Movie Month. The only podcast ever to have a whole month of stoner movies

Enjoy <3


Beers for the show:


Beers for the show:

Curiosity 44: Treehouse Brewing- 3.75 on the NT collective scale

Second Fiddle: Fiddlehead Brewing Company- 3.75 on the NT collective scale

Keep it Nerdy!